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Social Media

The most important aspect for social media marketing is original content. We will offer UAE based real estate companies a cost effective way of boosting their Facebook presence. We have a network of over 100,000 plus followers across various company accounts that we can use to leverage clients Facebook pages, we will also offer them content relevant to the UAE real estate market and a coherent Facebook marketing plan budgeted to each clients needs.

Properties Listings

The latest RERA mandate was communicated to agents via email on August 10th, 2016 and reported in the press last week. It came into force on Sunday, October 9th. The communication stated that all real estate companies and institutions that wish to publish any real estate announcements or advertise properties in print, online, radio and social media will now need to get a permit for each property to do so. No consultation was carried out among the agents and RERA before the email communication was sent, therefore nobody really knows how this is fully going to work as of yet. We anticipate a significant drop in the number of properties listed online, as fake advertisements are removed.

Deal of the Day

In the first half of 2017 we intend launching a Deal-of-the-Day offering, the most known company worldwide that is offering this is Groupon. We have over 350,000 contacts receiving our weekly emails that we will automatically sign up to our myFILS loyalty program, these contacts are ideal recipients of a Deal-of-the-Day offering. This will not be a huge revenue generator we feel, but will allow our brand to expand in the key UAE market that we are developing. It will allow us to expand our social media presence, and sign up new visitors to our website, allowing us to project our other revenue generating offerings.

Goody Bags

We have opened discussions with over 170 prospective clients for our Goody Bags Project. We will look to add to our team for this project, to drive it forward, and hit our targets and launch in 2017. With a target of eventually distributing 1 million Goody Bags per annum with up to 20 items (Samples, Promotional Items, Leaflets etc.) inserted into each Goody Bag, giving a revenue stream of approximately US$4 million per annum.

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