The 3 Male Fashion Instagrammers in Dubai You Need to Follow

July 17, 2017

      Lately, the UAE social media field is full of amateur and professional influences. Even if people don’t agree with this type of brand marketing, it’s effectiveness can’t be denied. We see everything from foodies, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion- this trend has helped create social media celebrities or ‘influencers’ such as Ola Farahat and TheRealFouz, making it a more female-dominated area.

Anyway, there are three different male fashion bloggers that are gaining influence on the social network.

  1. Andy Scott or @andy_scott_uk

Andy promotes the classic, clean-cut, yet detached Western look. This look matches any kind of person, on various occasions. He was named Esquire’s Best Dressed in 2015 and one of the Top 10 UAE Influencer’s by Sermo, and it’s no question why. His #travelgrams and shoe collection are extravagant and are the summary of modern men’s fashion.

He was one of the lucky few to be chosen to team up with Giordano Middle East, and showcase some of their brand new looks currently available throughout their stores in Dubai. This states that if you are hard-working and you believe in yourself, everything is possible.

He really made a career out of blogging and he influences many men in their way of dressing and spending their free time.

  1. Ali Muhammed or @aliimuhd

   This fashion blogger has only 23 years and he is a university student. He is a fresh new fashion blogger, who entered the market just a year ago. Even if he is new in this “business”, he managed to gather 20k+ followers on Instagram. Perhaps it’s the glorious long hair, the creative content, him being an ambassador of Louis Vuitton at The Dubai Mall or the fact that he’s also been a fitspiration to many, having lost 20kgs, fact that made him much more popular.

He is a solid example that age is not an obstacle if you really love what you are doing and that it is important to follow your dreams and become what you desire.

3. Salman Saeed or @salluhee

He is more of a classy blogger, who keeps his followers interest alive by posting daily content about menswear and lifestyle. Occasionally, his staycations in Dubai and other parts of the UAE inspire us to pack up and book a room.

Sometimes, his posts of Dubai and other parts of the UAE are so meaningful, that they make you want to pack and go visit those areas. Either way, Salman’s feed is a combination of that Cary Grant fitted look, and a sort of ostentatious extravagance we all secretly aspire to wear.

These three idols of the young generation are friends too and you’ll occasionally see them attending events, taking picturesque OOTd shots of each other or playing football. This is a great way in which they show their moral support.

They managed to inspire a lot of people with their actions and they showed everyone that you don’t have struggle in order to obtain what you really want. It is sufficient to do the things you like and to know how to combine the useful things with the things you love.