Dubai among top 10 destinations for international meetings

July 17, 2017

Dubai has moved up the list to claim the 10th spot 

According to the latest edition of International Meetings Statistics Report, Dubai has appeared as one of the 10 top destinations of international meetings.

The report ranked 1,157 cities globally based on the total number of international meetings that took place during the year. Previously ranked 14th in the 2015 edition, Dubai has moved up the list to claim the 10th spot with a total of 180 meetings taking place in 2016, reflecting a growth of 24 per cent in comparison to 2015.

Dubai is the only city in the Middle East and Africa to appear in the top 25 in the rankings, further underlining its status as the region’s number one destination for international meetings and conferences.

Experts say that among the fact that Dubai is the regional leader in the sector, it is also a major destination on the global stage of the business events. They will continue to improve the business events offering, and they want to transform Dubai into a global knowledge hub.

The total number of meetings assessed include those that are organized by international organizations, as well as ones organized by national organizations or branches but with significant international character. Dubai’s current standing reaffirms the city’s status of being a premier destination to host business events, and reflects the tremendous growth experienced over the past five years. In 2012, Dubai ranked 26th with a total of 76 international meetings that took place in the city. Dubai’s business events offering has since evolved; the city’s world-class infrastructure and global connectivity adds to the overall appeal resulting in a 138 per cent increase in international meetings hosted since 2012.

       Private investors sustain the place that Dubai achieved  

Dubai’s business events industry has certainly developed over the last decade, and business managers are very proud that Dubai is seen as one of the top 10 international meeting destinations. The city competed with over 1100 worldwide destinations for this place. They put on a lot of effort for getting here and the public and the private investors have been very supportive, including Dubai World Trade Centre, hotels, Emirates Airlines, Flydubai and other meetings industry suppliers, and are aiming to continue enhancing our offering to remain competitive and further propel Dubai’s ranking in the years to come.

The latest UIA rankings report comes on the back of Dubai’s recent announcement to launch the Dubai Association Conference which will be held on December 11-12 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. A first-of-a-kind in the region, the conference acknowledges the crucial role associations play in Dubai’s socio-economic development and its transition to a knowledge-based economy. Guided by the theme of ‘Building a Community’, the Dubai Association Conference will host association executives from regional and international associations, government representatives, university faculties and students as well as other professionals who are keen to develop associations.

In addition to the Dubai Association Conference, Dubai is also set to host key international business events this year, including: Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (FIDI) Annual Conference, Annual Congress of the Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology, and the International Primary Immunodeficiencies Congress