September 04, 00:00 - 05, 20:00
ADNEC, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Cyber Security in Banking Conference

Cyber Security in Banking is a 2 day event and is being held this year from Sunday, 4th of September to Monday, 5th of September 2017 at the Dusit Thani Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This event showcases products like IT security and IT audit, IT and information security, security intelligence, data management, network security, IT Infrastructure & Operational IT, and much more in the Business Services, Security & Defense industries, Computer Hardware & Software, IT & Technology.

With the increasing number and frequency of advanced attacks on the banking section in the MENA region, the need to increase an ample cyber security programme, outlined with the right levels of governance, risk and compliance standards becomes a top priority for all national and commercial banks. Out of all the attacks in the UAE, about 35% are aiming towards the banking community which makes it a priority for financial institutions and banks to increase cyber resilience and to protect data and the risks associated with frauds and money laundering.

The Cyber Security in Banking Conference is providing cyber security solutions with regards to data privacy and confidentiality, building a strong shield against persevering Data Denial of Service attacks, securing protection of electronic payment gateways, managing security services with the purpose of protecting all customers apart from complying with the strong policies of the Central Bank, from UAE. This event will have representatives from national, Islamic and commercial banks in the GCC as well as top cyber security experts to share their best practices on turning the MENA region and the world into a safer place by ensuring cyber security and defence of banking IT infrastructure.

The benefits of attending the Cyber Security in Banking Conference are countless as the attendees will learn about implementation modules for national banks across the UAE, understand how to build a strong security operations center, identify the vulnerabilities in managed shared security services and implement security as a service across banking area, will learn about data confidentiality, privacy and protection by eliminate insider threats across the systems and networks, information security assurance.

Cyber Security in Banking Conference Day One

First day of Conference will begin with the registration, refreshments and networking, followed by Opening Keynote Speech – Moving the banking industry to the next level of cyber security to continue matching global standards of banking security. The next steps are: securing the supply chain- an information security perspective, another Keynote Speech : Compliance versus standards versus effective implementation of P1, P2, P3 and P4 modules roadmap for nationalised banks in the UAE, Intelligent GSOC modeling & zero-day exploitation scenarios to protect smart banking transactions from sophisticated malware and phishing attacks, investigating the latest trends in DDoS, APT & AVT attacks to build early detection and rapid response systems, Security of  Smart Banking Services, Developing cyber resilience across managed shared security services: How to cope up with the speed of smart innovations of banking products and services, Securing the cyber space with Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to enhance information security, Roundtable Sessions and Closing remarks by the Chair.

Cyber Security in Banking Conference Day Two

The second day of Conference will provide the following stages : Organised E-crime: The new tool for stealing data, money laundering and conducting fraud, Digital fraud: Modernising cyber security to protect banks from evolving phishing and malware attacks, Building a centralised cyber security command centre: Intrusion detection, monitoring and risk mitigation in an evolving threat landscape, Effective risk governance receipe for financial institutes, Cyber security assurance and framework: Driving it from the top, BIG DATA: Using HADOOP tools to slow down financial data breachers, What does data theft mean to different departments and what are the steps to minimise its subsequent impact.