April, 05 - 07
Palazzo Versace, Dubai , Culture Village, Al Jadaf - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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World Fashion Festival Dubai

Between the 5th and 7th of April, Dubai will host one of the biggest fashion festivals in the Middle East. The World Fashion Festival will take place at Palazzo Versace and will bring the fashion world in the Middle East.

The entire event focuses on honoring the outstanding contribution and lifetime achievements of fashion icons across five continents. World Fashion Festival is dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of fashion, to further creative leadership, artistic, technical and social achievement within the fashion industry.

The event has reached a global fame, being renowned in the entire world. It doesn’t only serve as a fashion expo, but also as a network for trade and fashion professionals. The concept is used as a forum for Middle East exposure and recognition. It plays a major role in the contribution for the harmonious growth and development of the fashion industry. Everyone involved works towards the greater good of supporting relationships to keep the fashion industry sustainable and unprejudiced.

Basically, World Fashion Festival aims to “bring the Traditional and Old Fashion Trends into the Modern Fashion Style”.

As its goal, the event is expected to be revolutionary for 2018 in the Middle East fashion industry. Thus, it will create a unique and direct bond between world-wide designers and high-end customers and buyers from the Region.

World Fashion Festival participants

World Fashion Festival wants to bring as many countries as possible together under one platform, every year in Dubai. Outstanding designers will represent their countries, trying to build or keep their prestige. Attendants will have a chance to see the collections haute couture, pret-a-porter, bridal, fur and leather, reception and cocktail dresses, evening gowns. They will also be in touch with many brands of accessories and jewelries for kids, women and men.

World Fashion Festival Challenge

Organizers of World Fashion Festival invite all designers to accept the challenge in creating an artwork, besides their participating collections. Their work must be based on a theme concept. The theme concept will be seasonal. It will only be disclosed to the registered designers who choose to accept the challenge.

The outfit collections will be presented along with all their designers and will be assessed by a professional jury. The jury will be composed of respected names in the industry (brands, international designers, opinion leaders, trendsetters, etc.). Winners of the award will be selected based on pre-set criteria of outfits, functional and emotional aspects of the apparels. The jury will also consider the innovation degree, aesthetic qualities, materials and fabric choices, realization techniques and other specific aspects.

The jury is comprised of highly respected names in the fashion industry and notorious names in the Middle East Region. This includes designers, opinion leaders, trendsetters and more. As part of the awards, the World Fashion Festival will present the Top 3 Best Collections, the Best Dress and the Best Female/Male Model.

World Fashion Festival special guest

Organizers of the World Fashion Festival are honored to announce the presence of HE, Princess Rashel Pouri. As a Hollywood Image Maker and a big supporter of the event, HE is going to host the event. The princess will also be the official image of the event’s first season.

HE Princess Rashel Pouri is renowned in Hollywood as Image Maker for stars like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry or Salma Hayek. She is also known for supporting and being the Image Maker of Hillary Clinton during her election campaign.


Dates: 5-7 April 2018

Venue: Palazzo Versace, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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