Events Marketing

Each year we are media partners at over 150 major exhibitions and conferences in the UAE. Since 2010 we have been media partners with major events and exhibitions such as Dubai International Motor Show, Dubai International Boat Show, GITEX, Big Boys Toys and many others. At the majority of these events we have a presence in the form of an exhibitor stand, which will be our distribution point for our goody bags.

In 2018, we are targeting on giving away 1,000,000 goody bags, full of samples and promotional items (such as toys, pens, usb drives, discounts and leaflets).

We have media partnerships at exhibitions within the trade, construction, property, motor, environment, lifestyle, culture, fashion and health & fitness sectors. our goody bags will be reaching as many as 2 million visitors at these events. each goody bag will have a maximum of 25 items.

Businesses spend billions of $’s each year on marketing, television adverts, radio, and social media, simply to get potential customers to try their product. why not give them a sample – if they try it and like it, you know they will buy it!

If your product is good, sampling is the most cost-eeffective way of winning new clients!

Why your company should promote with myUAEguide goody bags:

  • Businesses spend a vast amount of money to participate in exhibitions. myUAEguide provides a cost-effective method of promoting your brand to your target audience at exhibitions across the UAE. By including your promotional items into our goody bags, you will be able to save a large fraction of money on travel costs, staff at the events etc.
  • We anticipate a take up rate of at least 50% of attendees walking out of an exhibition carrying our goody bags, giving our clients a huge potential

  • We provide advertisement for your brand across our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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myUAEguide questionnaires:

Every year, thousands of Visitors complete myUAEguide questionnaires, covering their general lifestyle in the UAE. See a sample questionnaire here.

We analyze the information obtained from these questionnaires, to understand current UAE trends, which allows us to help companies in promoting their products and services.

Would you like us to conduct a market survey or questionnaire for you? Or complete a specific survey or questionnaire for your company?

Would you like to connect with the thousands of people that complete our questionnaires each year? In 2018 we could be looking at completing 500,000 questionnaires!

Contact us here, and let us help you connect with your next best client!

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